What is Housing Co-op?

Housing co-ops are mixed communities of people from a variety of backgrounds, incomes and families.

All the members own the co-op and the co-op owns the housing itself. Each Member is required to purchase a "share" of the co-op when they come in.

Each Member has a vote to set the policy, make decisions and elect leaders who run the daily business of managing the co-op, and report to the members.

As a Member you have a say in the decisions that affect your home.

The principles of co-op living are:

  • Open membership
  • Democratic Member control
  • Participation in maintaining your community
  • Participating in building a social community
  • Education of Members

What is Expected from Members

Members of the co-op are required to contribute 4 hours a month of their time to co-op activities. They have a choice of serving on a variety of committees such as membership, maintenance, social etc. These committees provide a structure so we are able to manage and maintain the property. Our members contribution of time is vital to our success.

All members of the co-op are expected to do the following;

  • Pay their housing charges on time every month
  • Follow the Rules & Policies
  • Keep their unit in good condition
  • Be a good neighbour
  • Get involved in the social life of the co-op
  • Attend general meetings every second month to have a say in the decision making of the co-op
  • Participate on a committee by attending monthly meetings and performing the work of the committee
  • Participate in yearly clean ups (when required) to maintain the co-op common areas